If you have a small marketing budget and want to advertise a good or service, the internet is one of the best places to start. Here we are going to discuss some of the best digital marketing techniques that help you grow your business easily.

There are many opportunities to be marketed through other people’s websites and social networks, which is one of the two key reasons, along with the fact that it gives low-cost or even free traffic. Here are some suggestions for utilising that potential.

Best Digital Marketing Techniques

  • Rank videos in search.
  • Write guest posts.
  • Ask bloggers and magazines to review your product.
  • Leverage user generated content on social media.
  • Create link bait content.
  • Amplify your content.
  • Make blog posts that rank well and are effective.
  • Keep your email deliverability healthy.
  • Pitch to podcasts and newsletters.
  • Answer journalist requests to get free press.
  • Try affiliate marketing networks for merchants.
  • Repurpose your content.
  • Create a lead magnet.

Rank videos in search

You have one of the most engaging content kinds with a free traffic source when you combine SEO and video marketing.

You’ll need concepts for video topics for this strategy that attract Google search traffic.

Enter “youtube.com” into Site Explorer.

  • Enter “youtube.com” into Site Explorer.
  • Go to the Organic Keywords report to find out which keywords YouTube videos rank for (search engine results pages)
  • To find videos related to your website, use filters.

It would be ideal if you could find a subject that you already rank for. If you succeed in ranking the video as well, you can “double dip” on search demand.

Write guest posts

You publish on other websites as a guest poster. You gain a few advantages from doing this:

  • As a result, more people are visiting your website.
  • You introduce a new audience to your brand.
  • Your backlink profile is boosted by the earned link, which also helps with SEO.
  • In the industry, new relationships can be made.

The other party benefits by receiving free, high-caliber content for their readers. So there’s no reason for you to feel uncomfortable when pitching your articles.

Simply searching for guest blogging opportunities on Google will yield results.

To find more pertinent results, you can use search operators, such as (blockchain OR crypto) AND (“guest post” OR “guest article”).

Ask bloggers and magazines to review your product

You’ll probably discover many options to have your product reviewed.

  • People search for reviews of brands they are curious about or even confident in before making a purchase.
  • People seek out the top candidates in each category. No matter the brand.
  • Even Google is questioned by users in the same manner as a real person.

Check where your competitors received their reviews in addition to simply searching for comparable product reviews on Google or YouTube.

One argument is that assessing comparable products gives the reviewer a chance to show impartiality.

Analyzing backlinks can help you locate opportunities that are the right fit:

  • Enter the URL of a rival in Site Explorer.
  • Check out the Backlinks report.
  • Choose Ref. page URL as the “Word or phrase” in filter place. Contains “review” and types it in
  • Press “Apply”
  • Change the option to “One link per domain” on the results page to view a list of websites that sell products from your rivals.

Moving forward, the pitch itself will be the most important step in the procedure.

Here are some pointers for sending your pitch for a review. You can:

  • Send out customized messages.
  • Briefly describe your business.
  • Use the supplied contact channel to send requests.
  • It is a sign of respect for the reviewers and proof that you have read the review criteria.
  • Describe who your product is for and why the readership of the reviewer will find it interesting.
  • An extensive media package including images, films, and technical specifications (if applicable). Offering a live online demo might also be successful.
  • Display the places your product has already been mentioned.
  • You may also distribute client endorsements.

Leverage user generated content on social media

For brands, social media is awkward. Brands are comparable to the new party guest who is advised to “just blend in” and be OK maybe with the obvious exception of LinkedIn.

Yes, brands can serve customers and run advertisements. But the biggest issue with social media is having something to say on a constant, day-to-day basis.

Including user-generated content (UGC) from customers is one of the finest ways for that.

  • It’s a type of material that naturally fits on various social media marketing platforms.
  • Social media should be about people, not businesses, after all.
  • You might publish it frequently.
  • It is a powerful, non-obtrusive method of advertising.
  • Because it gives people something to talk about, it spreads word of mouth more widely.
  • Authors will brag to their pals about being mentioned by a hip company.
  • Users will converse with the authors in chat.

The majority of that stuff will develop naturally. Someone will upload a picture or a video with your brand in it.

Then you may either repost it or request permission from the author to publish it on your channel. You might even meet potential brand advocates in this way.

However, you can also support UGC:

  • Run a contest – It can be a regular competition where the creator of the best image wins (user likes can count as votes).
  • Introduce a formal hashtag
  • Give something in exchange, such a free gift or a coupon.

Your social media post must feature a human face, as a general rule. 

So, here are some further choices.

  • Option 1: Display the employees and their contributions to the company. For crafters, craftspeople, and artists, this is ideal.
  • Option 2: Inject some personality into your social media presence. Don’t be another uninteresting business.

Create link bait content

It should not be confused with clickbait. Content that is intended to draw backlinks is called link bait.

Bloggers and journalists want to link to it since it is so valuable and fascinating.

Link bait content has two key advantages:

  • The link bait material will rank better on the SERPs thanks to the earned backlinks (since backlinks are a key ranking factor).
  • To assist other pages rank higher on the SERPs, you can share part of the link authority from your link bait with them.

The quickest way to determine which pages on authoritative websites in your niche receive the most backlinks is to look for link-worthy material on those pages.

  • Enter the domain of your rival in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer.
  • Visit the Best by Links page.
  • Hunt for patterns, such as recurrent content kinds; you can also look for effective content you can repurpose.

Further investigation will reveal which portions of the text generated the most backlinks.

  • Enter the Anchors report.
  • Examine the anchor that attracted the most referring sites.

Amplify your content

Producing quality material is only one aspect of the job. You must also advertise it.

It seems like common sense advice. But a typical issue in content marketing is a lack of promotion (or distribution methods, for that matter).

Marketers frequently produce excellent content that is unknown.

It’s important to share the kinds of content that people anticipate to see on the platform you use for advertising if you want to effectively promote your content.

Take the case of your paid online photography course, for instance. The actions you can take to accelerate that trajectory are listed below. You can:

  • To acquire free traffic from Google, write a series of SEO blog entries that link to the course. For instance, “vehicle photography” or “best material backgrounds.”
  • For a photographic publication, submit a guest post where you mention your course.
  • Showcase examples of fantastic photos made using the concepts covered in the course on Instagram and/or Pinterest.
  • Use TikTok to share brief, easily consumable advice that can be shown in a few seconds as highlights of the course.
  • Reinvest a portion of the course money in Pinterest advertising.
  • In comparison to other major social media sites, it is still fairly affordable to purchase ads there, and it works well for visual material.
  • On YouTube, give away the introductory portion of your lesson.
  • Then, you can boost it with YouTube advertisements.

Create blog posts that rank and convert

Blog entries that concurrently rank and convert:

  • To get free visitors, you need to rank well in search engines for popular web searches.
  • Present your product or service as the answer – This is where you may convert website visitors into paying clients.

Keep your email deliverability healthy

Because of decades of spamming and forceful sales tactics, email has a terrible reputation.

Marketers avoid sending unwanted emails as well. As a result, their reputation as a “email sender” will suffer, and email deliverability will decline. They can potentially lose access to their email marketing campaign.

Marketers should monitor these indicators to stay on the safe (and effective) side of email marketing:

  • Number of emails sent
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Spam complaints 
  • Email bounce 
  • Engagement metrics (low open rates, replies, forwards, clicks)

Therefore, some of the most effective (though seemingly strange) email marketing advice is to:

  • Reduce email volume– Send only the pertinent information you agreed to send at the specified frequency. Very rare exclusions are acceptable. Rarely do people send more than one email every week.
  • Even though you worked hard to obtain those email addresses, you run the danger of having low engagement rates and subscribers who eventually unsubscribe.

Pitch to podcasts and newsletters

Businesses can easily be featured in podcasts and mailings.

  • Business owners, managers, and other professionals are frequently interviewed for podcasts.
  • Newsletters don’t hesitate to include quality business-related articles.
  • Some of them specifically advertise tried-and-true goods.

The same way you hunt for opportunities to guest post on other websites, you may find podcasts and newsletters to pitch .

Try Googling terms like “best [your niche] podcasts” to see if somebody has already compiled a list of locations where you can submit your pitch.

Generally speaking, appearing on podcasts and newsletters won’t cost you anything. There is frequently also a premium option available.

Therefore, you can sponsor a few episodes, and you can do it repeatedly in various locations, depending on your budget.

Answer journalist requests to get free press

Ever ponder how journalists manage to acquire access to so many knowledgeable quotes?

Some of them come from websites like HARO where reporters merely submit requests for quotes.

This is your chance to obtain a high DR connection and possibly even free publicity for your company.

All you have to do is register for a service like Terkel, HARO, or SourceBottle. then quickly offer your finest response.

You’ll most certainly receive a lot of emails when utilising these services. So using email filters is a good little trick here.

Try affiliate marketing networks for merchants

The merchant in affiliate marketing is the business or individual who makes a product available for purchase.

Additionally, as you are undoubtedly already aware, in this sort of marketing, you permit others (affiliates) to advertise your product in exchange for a cut of the sales revenue they contribute to.

Affiliate marketing requires relatively little initial capital. Since the majority of expenses are performance-based (you only pay if you make money), you may begin almost risk-free.

Making your own programme is one of your options. But to attract affiliates, that may require a lot of labor and a strong brand.

So joining a network like ClickBank, ShareASale, or GiddyUp is probably the simplest way to get started with this kind of marketing. They also offer affiliates and technology.

You just need to create your profile and post information about your product, and you’re ready to be found by influencers in your niche or choose the ones you want to collaborate with (depending on what your network offers).

Affiliates are then prepared to write about your product in their articles.

Repurpose your content

By distributing your information on various marketing channels and in different formats, repurposing it enables you to get more use out of your content.

Similar to franchising your work, a book becomes a movie, followed by a video game, a Netflix series, and so on.

The possibilities for content “transformations” are numerous:

  • Into Twitter discussions from blogs
  • Videos made from blog entries and vice versa
  • Various videos were combined to create a course.
  • Using eBooks in drip email campaigns
  • eBook excerpts turned into guest articles, etc.

You can provide higher priority to subjects when converting your text content into videos that attract Google search traffic. Here’s where to look for them:

  • Enter your domain in Site Explorer by going there.
  • Please visit the Content Gap study.
  • Put your domain and youtube.com in the first two input fields, and then leave the final input field empty.
  • Select “Show keywords.”
  • Set the filters to two intersections on the result page so that it displays the keywords for which both YouTube and you are ranked.
  • If you want a more specialized list, feel free to use the criteria, such as “word count from 2,” “volume from 500,” and “keywords contain “seo.”

For instance, the Content Gap analysis demonstrates that we might be able to produce a movie on “how seo works.”

Create a lead magnet

A lead magnet provides a website visitor with something beneficial in exchange for their contact information.

The visitor becomes a lead after they give such information.

Free trials, online tools, templates, checklists, eBooks, free consultations, courses, and discounts are a few examples of common lead magnets.

If you have a lead’s contact information, you can get in touch with them and “nurture” them so that they become clients or supporters of your business.

It’s a tried-and-true strategy for goods or services when consumers require more time to consider their options and make a choice.

Finding a topic for your lead magnet is the first thing you should think about.

This might be anything that has the potential to generate organic traffic or something else that connects with your audience.

The first option has the notable advantage of enabling you to receive free traffic from search engines.

By including certain popular lead magnet types in the filters of a keyword research tool, you can find suggestions for that.

Which form of marketing is more effective?

The use of social media for marketing is among the most popular strategies. It’s also among the finest at generating interest and increasing sales. And it’s not hard to understand why given that over 2.8 billion people use social media networks. That is around 37% of everyone on Earth!

What are the talents of digital marketing?

Effective communication in a digital marketing involves things like disseminating messages that have an impact, creating relationships, and developing trust. The goal is to develop a compelling message and convey it to customers in a style that is understandable, succinct, engaging, and relevant.


The internet offers low-cost or even free traffic, making it one of the finest venues to market a product or service. Through other people’s websites and social media platforms, there are several options for digital marketing.

Here are some ideas for utilising digital marketing strategies to expand your company. You can find possibilities that are the best fit for your brand or business by looking at backlinks. Discover which websites offer goods from the websites of your competitors by using the Site Explorer tool.

Utilizing user-generated content (UGC) to promote your brand is one of the best methods to get people talking about you in real-life discussion and in images and videos with your brand in the background. Social media marketing is all about having something to say.