Key Factors Of PPC

Our Pay Per Click advertising solutions have the potential to bring in highly targeted visits to your website, ultimately assisting you in increasing sales to produce more leads.

  • The highest conversion rate for PPC advertisements is 50%.
  • The top PPC advertisements receive approximately 41% more clicks.
  • On mobile, Google accounts for roughly 95% of “Ad Clicks”
  • Of those who click on PPC ads, 52% get in touch with the business.
    PPC Process

    PPC Services We Provide

    Search Ads

    With ads displayed at the top of search engine results, we can help you swiftly increase brand recognition Through our PPC Advertising.

    Display Advertising

    To improve your online visibility, we produce effective and customer-focused advertisements using images, banners, texts, etc.


    Want to use intelligent advertising to rehabilitate your customer base? With effective remarketing techniques, let Digital Markitors assist you.

    Product Listing Ads

    With our specialized product listing advertisements, advertise an increasing number of products and relevant information to turn your leads into sales.

    Google Shopping Ads

    Through Google Shopping Ads, retail marketing companies may establish campaigns and sell products to their online clients.

    Mobile Advertising

    Utilize our mobile advertising to actively connect with your target audience and engage them in conversation with high PPC advertising.

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    Our PPC Work Includes

    Keyword Suggestions

    To find the keywords that will increase your chances of receiving inquiries and conversions, our PPC specialists will do thorough research.

    PPC Copywriting

    You can receive more clicks if your title and description are compelling. For your PPC campaign, our team of talented writers will create catchy text.

    Bid Management

    We have a team of PPC specialists who will bid on the keywords with the highest ROI potential. Each bid is closely watched, with an emphasis on the most relevant.

    Search Advertising

    Our PPC experts will assist you in selecting the ideal collection of keywords and the most effective approach to increase traffic to your website.

    Conversion / Call / Sales Tracking

    For your benefit, our team keeps track of each click, call, conversion, and sale. Your conversion will increase definitely.

    Performance Reporting

    All of your PPC advertisement reports will be kept on file and communicated to you on a regular basis so that you may evaluate the ROI, traffic, and click-through rate.

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